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Discuss your Callow Cash reward account today by calling on 01299 828 800

Earn rewards with your Callow Cash reward account

As the area's leading, independent fuel supplier, at Callow Oils we always want to give something back to our customers. Our Callow Cash reward scheme is exactly as it sounds; money back into your pocket when you buy your much needed domestic fuels. If you place a domestic kerosene heating order with Callow Oils at

Give our experienced team a call today. Whether your needs are large or small, the team will be pleased to sort out the lubricant and grease you need to keep your machinery and vehicles well-oiled and ready to go. Please see our order form for more information on how to place your order with us.

How much money do I save?

Oil Ordered (litres)  Money Saved into your Callow Cash account
500 - 800 £1.50
801 - 1200 £3.00
1201 - 1600 £4.00
1601 - 2400 £6.00
2401 - 3200 £8.00
Anything over 3201 £12.00

The benefits you will reap with your Callow Cash reward account

There are many benefits to choosing a Callow Cash reward account, and you don't have to pay out anything. All you have to do is buy your normal amount of kerosene! Once you have saved £15 in the account, you can redeem the cash or start to spend it against your fuel bill or next order.

TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY - contact us directly to find out more.

If you purchase domestic kerosene from us, why not get a Callow Cash reward account?