Kerosene Defined : Depending on who you ask, you’ll hear lots of different descriptions and names for all the different types of kerosene and heating fuels so we thought we’d clarify it for you.

Commercial Heating Fuel
If you use machinery for construction, horticulture or agriculture then you will need Gas Oil, otherwise known as red diesel or 35-second oil. This is a heavier oil, less combustible and traditionally used in older style boilers. Gas Oil is distilled from petroleum and as a rebated-fuel is cheaper than normal road diesel. It should only be used in vehicles on public roads with an appropriate license. Why is it called Red Oil? Because of the red dye applied to it so that it can be more easily monitored by the authorities.

Domestic Heating Fuel
Also called Kerosene or 28-second oil, domestic heating oil is light, clean and the one most often used in home heating boilers and systems across the UK. Sometimes you will hear the term Premium Kerosene and this means it has been enhanced with additives. Kerosene can be stored in barrels or containers that are either blue or marked with a blue label for clarity of the contents.

It is essential to always use the correct fuel to avoid unnecessary problems, filter blockages and build up of residue in tanks. To ensure you always make the right choice in your selection of heating oil, please call us on 01299 828 800 and for an instant quote please visit Instant Heating Oil Quote