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Ensure the well working of your machinery

Supplying grease and lubricants for your agricultural and industrial machinery, with Callow Oils help you can always be sure your day will go smoothly. As well as supplying our own brand of high quality lubricant, we also offer a selection of Total branded products. We offer our lubricants and greases throughout the year, and can advise you on the best lubricant for your needs.

Give our experienced team a call today. Whether your needs are large or small, the team will be pleased to sort out the lubricant and grease you need to keep your machinery and vehicles well-oiled and ready to go. Please see our order form for more information on how to place your order with us.

We supply our own brand of lubricants including:

  • Hydraulic 32 and 46
  • Turbo 15/40
  • Farm Super Universal 15/30
  • These are available in both 25 and 205 litre drums

We also supply the following Total products:

  • Total lubricants
  • Total greases
  • Please visit the Total website for the full range available
Ensure all of your machinery and vehicles are working well with our selection of lubricants.