The team here at Callow Oils is regularly asked by our customers across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, the best time to buy home heating oil.

The answer is really simple. You should fill your tank at a point when you are comfortable with what you are paying per litre and well before you are due to run out of oil in your tank!

Some oil industry commentators may believe they have a crystal ball and can use past market performance to predict the future. In our experience this is tenuous at best and misleading at worst. Yes we have seen some clear trends over recent years but even these, coupled with the old style ‘seasonal pricing’ won’t give you a watertight indication of future price fluctuations and you should expect to see peaks and troughs according to the stock market, international oil price confidence, local weather patterns and a host of other elements that can impact on today’s price.

So our advice at all times is, that when you are ready, come to us for an instant quote and accurate delivery timescales… and remember that once registered with us, every time you order you are saving money into your Callow Cash account.