With a commodity like home heating oil there is a tendency as a customer to be drawn towards the lowest price for your kerosene. However this can often be a false economy and here are just some of the reasons why.

As with everything in life, you do get what you pay for. The saying “pay peanuts and you get monkeys” could also be said to be true if you simply use lowest cost as your benchmark in your choice of local domestic heating fuel supplier.

All of your local fuel suppliers are trying to run a business and so they are seeking to make a small margin on each litre of heating oil you buy. They have to because they have a fleet of delivery tankers, an office, staff and purchasing costs. They are a business and supporting a local firm is invariably good news for the local economy as well as customers and everyone else involved.

When a product like domestic heating fuel is a commodity it means that there are lots of providers able to offer competitive prices and it’s likely they’ll be giving a similar level of service. This is where the fine detail matters and it is down to you the customer to decide what’s most important to you.

We agree that a fair price for your heating oil is vital to give you the confidence that you have a good deal. But you should also consider the experience you enjoy from your supplier. How are they on the phone and how easy is their website to navigate? Do you get what you need? Are there incentives for being a loyal customer? Do they offer cashback? What is the delivery driver like and how professional are they? Do they respect your property and genuinely provide the highest level of service, with a smile? Does your local heating oil company remind you when your tank may need a refill? Do they do this check for you and provide a top-up without you having to worry yourself?

All of these things are so valuable to many customers to give that peace of mind that they have selected a reliable, trustworthy and honest company to supply them with heating oil for their home. So next time you go searching for the lowest price quote for your heating oil, remember that it’s also important your chosen supplier really can deliver.