Oil price trends are one of those things that fluctuate up and down and as a customer of home heating oil it can appear that when you order you might be getting quite a random price. However this isn’t really the case and as a long term local supplier of heating fuel for homes in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire for  many years we have seen trends.

In 2017 the main things that can affect the price at which we buy oil and ultimately the price you pay include sudden peaks and troughs, largely affected by the price of crude oil around the world. The price can fluctuate depending on stock market confidence, weather patterns, political stability, or not, and global production levels in key countries that supply the market.

We have also seen prices change in the UK due to extreme weather conditions, customer demand and an impact from end of year performance reports from the large oil companies.

According to Which, the average price per litre for kerosene was around 35p in October 2016 – the same as in October 2015. But in January 2017, it had risen to 43p per litre. As we closely monitor the oil industry every day, it’s worth keeping in touch with us to ensure you are paying a fair and reasonable price for your home heating oil. We don’t have a crystal ball that will tell us the price of oil tomorrow but we are confident you’ll get the best rate around.

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