When it comes to making your home oil payment, there are lots of options:

  • Send us a cheque in the post
  • Call us and pay by debit card over the phone
  • Pay in person with a cheque or debit card, at our Stourport or Hereford depots
  • Opt for a monthly direct debit account
  • Pay online using your account details that you find on your Delivery Note/Invoice

If you like you can opt for a monthly payment plan. We’ll agree with you an estimate of your annual home heating oil usage and we’ll use our best judgement to estimate how much that will cost over the course of the year. Then we will set up a monthly Direct Debit into your account, so that you’ve built up a healthy balance which you can use to pay your heating oil invoice. It’s like a mini savings account just for your heating oil!

If you’d like to cap the price of one or more home heating oil deliveries for the coming winter, we have a no-risk scheme that will allow you to do just that. Just sign up for an agreed number of litres and pay a reservation fee. We will then put your fuel aside ready for when you need it, at which point, just give us a call. You’ll be invoiced at the lower of either the price on the day of your order, or the capped rate we agreed with you in advance, even if the price doubles before you want it!

If you want an instant quote today please check our online oil quote calculator. And remember whenever you buy oil from us we give you Callow Cash!