The truthful answer to the question of whether right now is a good time to buy home heating oil is that nobody knows.

There are many factors which go into the price you will pay for your home oil delivery. The price of crude oil, supply and demand factors, the weather, where you live, how urgently you need it… the list goes on.

It may be logical to think that now is a good time to buy your oil because it’s the Autumn and the winter chill has yet to arrive. The honest answer is that we can’t guarantee it and nor can anyone else. There is logic to say that if your tank is currently low and we get a sudden cold snap then you could be caught out and so it would indeed be a good time, right now.

You could also hedge your bets that the price might drop between now and when you need your oil. In fact, we’ve thought of that too and hence offer you our capped price offer, ensuring a great deal, whenever you need your oil delivered.

For now, check out our Instant Quotation service and see if you like what you find.