Now that the evenings are drawing in, there’s a certain feel to the air, and you begin to wrap up warmer whenever the sun isn’t shining, it’s time to prepare your home for Autumn.

For many this means things like packing away the garden furniture, cutting the lawn for the final time, and clearing gutters. If you live in a remote place it will mean stocking up on winter fuel such as logs and essential provisions. Turn off sprinklers and drain them and any exterior hoses which could otherwise freeze and crack through the winter.

Inspect your chimney and roof and check for loose or misplaced tiles which should be repaired or repositioned before the weather deteriorates and temperatures really drop.

Now would be a good time to check windows and doors and replace and loose or worn seals.

If you have an oil-fired domestic heating system then it’s vital to do some tank checks and where needed, maintenance. We can help you if you find that your tank needs replacing and of course you can give us a call or use our online instant quote if you find you need to top-up your tank before it gets really cold.

And if you are reading this article before the upcoming August Bank Holiday, what better time than to enjoy your garden before the Autumn arrives.